An informal meetup of information security professionals in San Francisco. Unlike other meetups, you will not be expected to pay dues, "join up", or stomach another vendor spiel to attend.


Pete's Tavern . It's a bar. At 128 King, between 2nd and 3rd. We're keeping an eye on the bar; we stick out.


Baysec 100 is April 9, 2008. A Wednesday. 7:00PM. Generally, we aim for the middle of a week (this month we missed) in the middle of every other month. We stay until people get tired of hanging out. Allegedly, that's about 3 hours.


It fills a gap. In other cities, there are regular professional meetups. We're less formal than ISSA. Nobody takes minutes. We just try to get to know the locals in our field.

Contact Us

There's a mailing list: <baysec-subscribe at sockpuppet.org>. But, you are not required to RSVP. Just show up!