A Final Ward

Shake with ice to chill and dilute, dilution being the reason you’ll like this even if you don’t drink straight spirits.

Mellower & less sharp than the Final Word cocktail from which its derived. Rye is smooth, dry, and supremely drinkable on its own. Green Chartreuse is the godfather of all liqueurs (the color is named for it, not the other way around), sweet, herbacious, licoricey without tasting like licorice. Erin fucking loathes it straight, but loves this drink. Maraschino liqueur is surprisingly dry, suggesting cherries rather than clubbing you over the head with them, and has a bitter component from pits. Fresh lemon juice. You can squeeze a goddam lemon.

It is weird how well this drink works.

Who Is This?

Thomas and Erin, in Chicago; Matasano, odd Hacker News fixation, all that.

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